About Us


Dublin Barista School; Specialists of the Coffee Industry not just in Speciality Coffee!


Founded in 2011, We are a 100% Irish owned business and we only train students in courses that we have developed through the World Barista Association. We are currently the only Irish barista training company to run accredited courses.

We consider ourselves experts within the coffee industry. We can train someone with absolutely no experience and within 5 days train them to a level where they can get a job. We have proven this over the 8 years we have been in business. We own coffees shops, employ champion baristas and fully qualified barista trainers and we are consultants to the coffee industry.

All the while we are offering training and advice that we believe is objective and sound. We are realists and have a realistic approach for every individual given their circumstance. We believe that we are specialists within the coffee industry. We dont pidgeonhole our customers into one specific area of the industry, we believe in giving a holistic approach which will help you make your own mind up! This is the value we offer.

The Team

Martina Maruchnicova

Office Manager

Martina joined the team in 2017 as Office Manager. Martina co-ordinates and manages various aspects of the business ensuring that the company runs smoothly on a daily basis. One of the more difficult jobs in the company but Martina always manages it with a smile.

Luca Timelli

Barista School Manager

Luca has 6 years experience in the coffee industry becoming training manager in Dublin Barista School in 2018. He has helped develop our training systems to a very high standard with our training team.

Mike Patterson

Senior Manager

Mike Patterson aka “Mike the Frother” is on his second stint in DBS. First working with us in 2015 for almost 2 years he sadly left to go back to his native Phoenix, Arizona. We welcomed him back in 2018 with open arms to rejoin the team as a Senior Barista/trainer. Mike brings a wealth of experience to the company. Having worked in the industry over the last 10 years across various cultures he has amassed a huge amount of knowledge. A hugely talented artist and illustrator you will see Mikes work dotted around the walls of DBS and also in our training manuals.

Arvind Khedun

DBS Coffee Shop Manager

Arvind has over 8 years experience in the coffee industry. Working predominantly in speciality coffee for the last 5 years. Currently Irelands National Barista Champion 2018 he epitomises the modern day barista with excellent customer service, speed and precision during service and fantastic technical skills showing off amazing latte art skills.

Renata Khedun

9th Degree Coffee Shop Manager

Renata has almost 10 years experience in the coffee industry bringing a wealth of experience to our business. Renata is the National Latte Art Champion in 2018 & 2017.