Corporate Events

Are you looking for an alternative team building/staff night out event? We also cater for private groups such as Hen parties.
We have the perfect options for you when you bring your team to Dublin Barista School.

We can host up to 20 people in our premises for coffee events ranging from a coffee tasting (cupping), coffee brewing event or a fun latte art throw down.

>We can tailor the event to specifically suit your needs with or without food/beverages.

We can also bring the event to your premises!

If you would like more information please email us:

Event options

Team Building Event
From €49 per person

For 2.5 hours we will host a number of different quick first coffee events for you from a coffee cupping experience, exploring new brewing methods to help you become better baristas at home or work and finally our fun latte art competition. See who can perform under pressure!!!

*Price ex VAT

Coffee Tasting Event
From €25 per person

Are you looking for a short and fun team building event? Our 1 hour coffee cupping is perfect for you! Taste coffee′s from around the world and learn something new and interesting.

*Price ex VAT