About WBA

Who we are

At Dublin Barista School we are proud to be the only company to run the World Barista Association set of courses in Ireland. Dublin Barista School has trained thousands of students in the art of coffee since 2011. If you are looking for a full time or part time job in the industry then this is the course for you!

The “Licence to Work Level 1&2” is the “ONLY ACCREDITED BARISTA COURSE” in Ireland. This is our signature course where students with no experience come and in 5 days we train you to a standard that will make you employable within the coffee industry.

Whether your looking to get a job in Ireland or travelling anywhere in the world, this certificate will guarantee you a job wherever you are…

How it works!

The “Licence To Work” comprises of two Levels. Level 1 & Level 2 totalling 5 days.

Level 1 & Level 2 can be completed in 4 consecutive classroom days of training with day 5 being a day of work experience in one of our busy city centre coffee shops.

You can also just complete Level 1 (1 day) and choose to complete Level 2 (4 days) at a later stage or simply just complete Level 1 and leave it at that.** (see note)

You cannot complete Level 2 without first completing Level 1.

We hope this makes sense!

** If you complete Level 1 only you will receive a certificate of completion but it will not be a “Licence to Work”.