Moccamaster KGB Select

Moccamaster is an easy-to-use automatic coffee brewer. Simply fill the brew basket, add water and flip the switch! Great for a small office or making several mugs of coffee at home.

Finish: Polished Silver
Weight: 3.2 kg


  • Height: 36 cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Depth: 17 cm

Brew-basket Style: Auto Drip-Stop
Body Style: Rectangular
Material: Metal / Plastic (BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate Free)

Volume: 1.25 Liters / 10 Cups

Volts: 120V / 240V*

Half Jug Watts: 1450W during first 30 seconds, then 950W optimize the throughput speed and extraction time*
Full Jug Watts: 1475W / 1520W*
Hotplate: While brewing 70W / After brewing 25-70W**
Power Switch: Auto Off function at 40 minutes*

Warranty: 5-Years
Certifications: ECBC (6 and 10 cups) & SCA Approved to meet and exceed Gold Cup Standards

  • Automatic Drip-Stop brew-basket with glass jug
  • Switch for a half jug to slower the brew cycle, or full jug to brew like normal so the best coffee is brewed for both 2 to 6 cups and 6 to 10 cups
  • Simple to operate and quiet brewing process that produces a full jug in just 6 minutes
  • Unique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to control brewing temperature between 92º to 96º C which is important for coffee soluble extraction, then automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty
  • Pre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect coffee bloom, produced by an ultra–precise, natural pulse action
  • Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate free plastics
  • Ideal water saturation time to maximize coffee complexity, flavour and aroma – Achieved through a cone shaped brew-basket design that regulates a 4 to 6 minute brew time
  • The glass jug maintains coffee quality, integrity, and taste on a unique, intelligent hot-plate element that measures the coffee in the jug and is engineered to hold coffee temperature at 80° to 85° C and automatically shuts off
  • Improved outlet pipe with 9 holes that triggers the water flow for a better spread over the coffee grounds
  • Removable parts essential for long-term maintenance and replacement

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